Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finished Monk Puppet

Several months ago I submitted a performance project idea to the Freehold Theatre Studio Series 2009. Students, alumni and staff were invited to submit a project idea that would be workshopped over 3 months culminating in a performance no longer than 30 minutes. My project was selected!
The proposal was to finish building the Monk puppet, find a 12 minute story through the rehearsal process and put it up in front of an audience. This was something I hadn't done yet. At the time I only had his trunk and legs built. The arms were challenging and I questioned whether I was going to get him done in time.
He did get done in time! We just performed this past weekend..February 20th & 21st.
AND I just received word that we were one of the pieces that made it into the Studio Series Encore weekend. YaY.
I will eventually post some video of the little guy moving!

Monk Puppet in the workshop

I want to thank Rob D'Arc for all his guidance with Little Man. My apprenticeship with Rob quickly turned to friendship! We worked well together on many projects. I deeply admire Robs' gifts and engineering ability....he is a genius puppeteer and you can see his work here..


Just before he got his "skin"!