Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Monk Puppet

This little guy is about 4 feet tall. He is a "Western" style Bunraku puppet. His shoes attach to my feet and I operate his head and his left arm. A second puppeteer supports his body and operates his right arm. He totally comes alive with the most subtle movements..... doesn't take much. I am still working on him. His arms need to be covered with cotton batting then covered with some fabric for "skin". I'm thinking something like a yellow ochre. He doesn't have a name yet.

His head is carved from couch foam. I used scissors and a razor blade. Onto a block of foam I drew the front of the face and the side, then just cut away with scissors and razor blade.
I will continue to update his progress .

You can go here to see what inspired him into being and how I came up with his face....

And here to see how I made his moving hands.....