Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Monk Puppet

This little guy is about 4 feet tall. He is a "Western" style Bunraku puppet. His shoes attach to my feet and I operate his head and his left arm. A second puppeteer supports his body and operates his right arm. He totally comes alive with the most subtle movements..... doesn't take much. I am still working on him. His arms need to be covered with cotton batting then covered with some fabric for "skin". I'm thinking something like a yellow ochre. He doesn't have a name yet.

His head is carved from couch foam. I used scissors and a razor blade. Onto a block of foam I drew the front of the face and the side, then just cut away with scissors and razor blade.
I will continue to update his progress .

You can go here to see what inspired him into being and how I came up with his face....

And here to see how I made his moving hands.....



  1. A Long Lost Friend is a new fan of TWIG. I love the Tattoos on the "Little Monk".

    1. who is this anonymous friend of mine??!

  2. Cannot believe it sissy! you dun good. Cannot wait to see him move. Hope you gittin it on film.
    Love from afreeeka....o

  3. Very cool! Maybe a little creepy too.Little Monk makes me think of Secrets of Nihm and even "Saw" I am impressed by the detail and will enjoy seeing him in action. I think he has a promising future in film!


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