Sunday, August 10, 2014

LITTLE MAN MONK appearance at the PawPaw Festival!!!

Please come join Little Man Monk Saturday evening in the spirit of

 just "being" here, together, beneath the great blue sky. All ages

 are encouraged to attend this rare and fortuitous event!

 The Performance starts at 7pm, however, Little Man Monk will circle the festival grounds 15 minutes prior to the performance in his Indian Palanquin (or litter).

-So, if you are anywhere close to the performance venue you should be able to catch a glimpse of the arrival-

 Immediately following Little Man's presentation of the Sacred PawPaw Dance there will be an opportunity for greetings, blessings and hugs (and picture taking) for all!


So stick around if you want to get up close and personal with the man himself.




 Heidi Pendergast and Jeannie Amash will be puppeteering and assisting Little Man in his appearance. 

 "Little Man" designed and built by Heidi Pendergast



Click below for

ohio pawpaw fest schedule 

Go to "kid's Tent"- Saturdays itinerary.








Saturday, June 7, 2014

Earth Shaman progress

Ok, very excited to share Earth Shaman development.....
But first I would like to revisit the original design concept for the Earth Shaman because I moved away from it for so long....
If you remember, the original sculpture I made with found nature relics....
Sea urchin behind his head, sea branches for antlers, curled tree bark for his robe and the piece that inspired it all....a shell for his face.

 And as you can see....The butt of the clam-like shell is his face.
Except for the tree bark all the other pieces were found at Malibu Lagoon

 he gazes upward and beyond!

clay sculpt of his head

 paper mache' face from the clay sculpt

 Then I painted it white and because I didn't like the way it looked or was going....I layed it down and moved on to other ideas.
So that brings us up to date.....Now that I have "played with other ideas" for a while I am coming back to this face to flesh it out a bit more and see what works and what doesn't (so glad I didn't toss it)

 face with some paint on it...... similar to the tile I created (to the right)
There is something happening that I like....taking it further with some foam antlers.

 Foam is so easy to make into any shape...much easier than wire and least for these more realistically sized antlers....and much lighter to boot.

 Then I reinforced with wire for stability (foam is floppy). Next time I will use an even stiffer gauge wire (from wire hangers ) An armature wire on the inside would be great support too.

 I want to fuss about some more with these so coating them now with rubber latex- so I can paint them white
I love latex it is so much fun to play with!!

 Foam is very porous and the paint doesn't want to adhere....but coat with several layers of rubber and it will take paint much better.

 Here is a sample of paper mache on top of foam that worked....I was considering it for the antlers- to give them more stability (don't want em flappin' in the wind)
However  I concluded that I actually really like the wire design on the antlers and  secondly the paper wouldn't stick, even with the latex. The surface of the antlers is just too bumpy. Learning materials, that's for sure.

 So, I tried fabric mache' (white glue formula) Toilet paper looks nice and scrappy(good) but offers no stability.

 This fabric is too opaque and heavy.

 hmmm, a little closer

 I kinda like this for now...cheese-cloth. It stiffens up really nice and looks scrappy

 These have been fun to play with...

  So, stepping back and looking at this.... It is pretty close to the image I had of him in my head from the shell. And yet, there is an aliveness missing. I need to play some more with more of a loose way.

Inspiration from the HEArt!
Several weeks ago I worked for a couple of days with the amazing group of people from "Honey For The Heart". They are based here in Athens Ohio and make parade puppets and other magical things and beings. I was inspired by their use of paper mache', cardboard and lots of other found objects. Below are some photos of their work. You can find them on Facebook.
Robert Lockheed puppeteering one O' the biguns!
 Honey from the Heart beasts

 So, I decided to give cardboard a try...

 The plan for this puppet head is that he is first on top of my head and then he comes off when he comes alive. Here is the frame structure for the mask.

 eyes, plastic ornament balls from thrift store or Joanns.

 gently drill small holes in sides, reinforce holes with tiny washers (hot glued) then bend hanger wire to make hinging eyelid

 wire for pulling and pushing eyelid closed

 playing around with another piece glue and felt

 eye lit from behind- I am starting with a large pupils because I want it to have a more gentle gaze, like an elephant or whale versus a very defined round black pupil with a penetrating stare...we shall see how this all looks

 Here is a glass [paperweight] I found in an antique store...I like the depth glass offers. I am considering glass eyes as my partner(Mark) happens to be a glass-blower!!! why not huh!?

 side view

 it wouldn't have to have so much color...I would go for something much more subtle ...blues or browns with a black center.

 work space

 for now these eyes are great!

 rough draft face pattern

 I must IS a really odd face I picked. not an easy one to replicate....

Egad!! Scared me for a moment...... lookin' a little 'Jar-Jar' here

 hmmmm, just a comparison

 Sittin' on the deck working and "Oh!...."

Didn't even see this guy makin' his way across the deck. sneaky little fella

 I thought he was a rattler cause he coiled up, and rattled at me AND had this patterning but then i saw his cute pointy tail with no rattle and knew he was a faker....he is a juvenile ratsnake/blacksnake.

 Playin' more now...twistin' some cardboard up here and there. This is fun and I like how much more earthy and alive he is looking. Its like the other head is a little too polished looking. I like the roughness of the cardboard. It helps me play too.

 Hmmm, something is starting to happen here and I didn't really feel this way until I saw the antlers on him
Sorta resembles the sculpt i did a ways back.....

 Ok, it for now!

Will keep you posted on developments!