Friday, July 27, 2012

Owl puppet

Meet Owl
WHO, WHOOO are you?

Inspiration....fallen from a palm

He peeks out his tree hole

The tree he lives inside then becomes Spirits' embody

I will sit behind him wearing black. With one hand move his head and with the other hold the body. His toes are animated.....

by my toes!
I will post photos of me puppeteering him

The wise old owl lived in the oak,
The more he saw the less he spoke,
The less he spoke the more he heard,
the more he heard, the more still he became
and deep within this silent heart it could feel a voles' breath beneath the snow
.....The Unspeakable was revealed.
 (an old Nagual tale)
I have added a few lines to lengthen the piece.
 and tried to stay within what felt like was the original intention of the piece.

After the last line of the poem.....the Owl suddenly "blows apart" into all its separate parts. head, body, two feet, wings.....  The spirit inside is freed for a moment.....It dances and twinkles above suspended for but an instant  then, it all swooshes back together. a union. a RE-union. But it is nothing spectacular or unduly amazing. ...he just goes back to cleaning his feathers ...doing owl things (chop wood carry water)

 About a week after this piece created itself I had a dream .... I was back at my childhood house on 45th street in Florida and I was looking down the road...which then turned into a field. A dog was coming. it was a collie and it was whining. I called to it and didn't want to frighten it. I recall thinking to myself....hmmm is this reality or is this a dream and felt myself trying to discriminate...."I mean it DID just turn from  a road into a field and now I'm noticing as this dog is approaching  there is a white illuminated path arising behind him." Just then he turns away from me and suddenly it happens.
I fracture.
I fractured from my body.
It, fractured from this physical existence, yes, not unlike death.
It started in my hands, I began to peel away from my hands, falling backwards and as my body followed there was a strange , very uncomfortable when you fall awake in your sleep. you know, you fall, you jerk in fear and you wake up. It was like was so strange and uncomfortable to be without body for even a second I kept wanting go back to familiarity. For some reason I was able to hang in there. and it became less uncomfortable. then it became like something I've never felt before in my life. Not waking, not dreaming, not journeying with Plant Spirit Medicine... it was a sensation...quivering lightness of being...or non-beingness. it really is unspeakable beyond a feeling. swirling waves of bliss. but not bliss as in happy bliss. something more visceral(felt as in a body, without that body)  It was a certain sensation of complete union and yet there was no otherness to join with. ridiculous to try to explain.
The dream had a second part where I had an opportunity to again fracture.....just in case I missed it the first time!! I chose this time to fracture. It was easier and I kept falling back and falling back ...and surrendering into the depths. These dreams felt more like a message than just some peak experience. Several weeks before the dream I had asked the heavens for guidance. 
It feels like this was a reminder.
 THIS is who(what) you are.