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KICKSTARTER preparation- Twig Theatre Project

Twig Theatre has been in developement for some time now.   Financial restraints have been part of the reason but when all is said and just wasn't time. Not sure how to explain this ...the creative process(and creating a project) is such a strange interesting thing. It happens or it doesn't. There are things you can do to help it along, however until its truly ready to come out it will just meander all over the place. It doesn't play by any rules..... And I'm not the type to push and barrel thru.

 I have sought to honor this process, although, i must say, it has been quite disheartening at times. In fact, as of this spring...I gave it all up. All my plans with puppets... I said 'to hell with it' . I'm tired of all the efforting to manifest something that doesn't seem to want/need to manifest. So, even though I felt it my gift I just relinquished.. I surrendered completely any control over this manifestation. There was even a mourning process because I was prepared to not look back. It had been a painful process pushing something which doesn't want to be pushed. So I stopped. This felt like the last straw for me. I was still struggling with some long term health issues. I didn't have a career, a house or anything like that to " lose". The puppetry was it...the last major(obvious!) identities I was clinging to.... so I gave it up. I was scared, yes, what would I do if I couldn't even manifest what my gift was? I ,at least, remained curious about this.

 Then, ironically(or not) over the last several months I noticed some intense shifts in my energy and vitality.  And one morning to my surprise and delight I awoke, rubbed my eyes, scratched me bum,  and a voice announced in my head. said...'Heidi it's time!  It's time to launch Twig Theatre as a Kickstarter project!" ""  I heard myself exclaim. "Is this it? is it time?"

 It appears so. TWIG theatre project seems to have a momentum of its own now and I am really excited.  Okay! I guess I'm back on board. And I'm not having to "work" at it so is WANTING to come through me and manifest. was it the surrendering? was it just the right time? I don't know. I don't know . I don't know, but here i go.

As you may know Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists and their projects. You passionately pitch your project so as to inspire others to want to be involved. If individuals are moved to support you they donate funds to your project and in return you not only include them in the creation process, you also give them cool interesting rewards that are connected to your project.

So, my kickstarter Project will be two fold....the creation of the physical theatre/cart AND the creation of a puppet and short performance.  The cart needs 2 speakers, 2 - 24" handmade amish wagon wheels, 2 lanterns and further decorative touches to be complete. My vision for the performance is a mystical nightime piece with illuminated props , a Shaman puppet and other little beings and creatures that glow, fly and invoke magicalness!. It will be an exploration of our primal earthy nature.  healing. the inner healer. our resources...our inner shaman.

In an effort to be creative with my project pitch I have decided to build a miniature of the whole thing.... theatre, props and puppets so as to give the viewer, the funding angel, a feel of what it is I am trying to create. I will shoot the miniature scene as if a performance is just about to happen ... my intention is to invoke the feeling of a mystical otherworld.

I hope to launch my kickstarter sometime in March!
I thought I would start by sharing the miniature theatre with you.

 As you may have seen in the blog entry  "mobile puppet theatre aka twig gypsy cart"  the Twig Theatre is a 5 foot tall wooden cart. It will house the puppets as well as act as stage and carrying box for sound system and other props. you can see the half finished full size cart here:

Here is the mini mock-up it is about 12 inches tall.


Here it is with the doors open. This is "back stage". Here, I will put the puppet on and then step out from behind to reveal to the audience.

There are 3 compartments with curtains that hold puppets and props. The top compartment holds the amp and ac/dc converter. The compartment with the door will lock and hold personal belongings. there are two shelves below that for my sandwhich board, two folding chairs, an extension cord and my puppet first aid kit!

Here is the "front" or audience side of the cart. This logo is in process.

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  1. Really well articulated. I look forward to pitching in a bit when the campaign goes live.

    Best of luck.


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