Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kickstarter preparation- Twig logo design

Okay, I want to post about my logo which appears to be an ongoing process.  I really like all of the designs I have come up with and I feel I am getting closer to what I am trying to express..

This was the very first logo several years ago. I have always known there would be some element of Art Nouveau. The space in the middle was to be an abstract illustaration of trees or grasses with a glowing lantern.

Here is my second logo attempt...kept the Art Nouveau lettering. Lost most of the border. Kept the abstract grasses...all scraggly and bent made for a bit of darkness. The "lantern" became a glow emanating from the grasses. I love this design...something mystical hiding in the dark grasses...our illumined beingness.

I elongated the "T" so it looked like the first letter in a giant storybook 

Had so much fun drawing this one

love it in pencil

I played with it in high contrast to see what it looked like as a blockprint (sort of) you get the general sense anyways.

playing with colors

Here it is on the mini cart. I really do love this and also feel it is more like an illustration or mural...rather than an abstract logo. I don't actually even like the word logo. feels 'commercial'. I just want something visual that represents all I'm trying to express...haha! don't want much! no wonder it is an ever evolving process!

Anyhoo..after stewing and brewing for a few weeks this came out....

A moon, crescent.
Twig in the shadow of the moon. Dangling tangle-vine hanging down the right side. quite Art Nouveau. In fact my first real Art Nouveau drawing. (to me!!!) Am very excited to be bringing this art movement into my work. I have felt very passionate about it for sometime. There is a bit of akwardness in the "T" and how it joins with the rest of the letters...will play with that some more.  Process process process! am feeling this design in my chest....I always feel Art Nouveau so viscerally, as if the lines were coursing through my body. like it lots. will work on lettering tonight.

Here is a turn of the century artist that has inspired me very much lately

Margaret MacDonald  Mackintosh

I will post more on the logo as it unfolds.
I am very excited to see how this Art Nouveau stuff makes its way into the actual puppets!
we shall see!


  1. I love the version that is on the cart! space

  2. Your entire project looks absolutely extraordinary. Looking forward to reading every post.

  3. Thanks Anonymous...I agree it is the most interesting I have come up with so far. it still grabs me.

  4. Thank you set-up is not allowing me to reply directly to comments. not sure why. Thanks for all your checking in Shelley. This is very inspiring as I love your project as well!


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