Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kickstarter Preparation- Lantern Brackets Design

So, I need a bracket to hang each lantern on the cart

You'd think I would just whip out some regular old brackets to hang my lanterns from.  

And pass up on a design element? way!  So, Here are some bracket sketches....

Each design with a lantern hanging from it...



yummy nouveau swirl

peacock feather- love

 interesting and too complex

my last sketch and favorite.
 The overall shape frames the lantern perfectly. As well, the foot of the bracket mimics/echoes  the shape of the wheel on the side of the cart. 

Funny, once you cut this little design out there's really nothing to it....will have to find the right material. foam is flimsy...maybe if I layer foam and glue it that will stiffen it. or maybe wood.  will post pics of the finished brackets..maybe even mounted on the cart with lanterns hanging and flickering. excited already!

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  1. Wonderful array of designs! Your choice is excellent. Wood seems right if the cart will work out of doors. But then you are probably speaking about the miniature right now.

    Foamcore might give you enough heft and still be able to be cut in those curves at a small size.

    The patina you've given the lanterns looks astonishingly real!


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