Wednesday, March 24, 2010

YOUTUBE videos of Little Man Monk



This is the first set of videos exploring Little Mans' character. Who he is, what he likes to do etc. This is just the beginning of that exploration. They are but little snippets...a moment here and there...nothing climactic happening. Nothing "happens". That is intentional.
In my own life I have noticed the tendency to expect or hope the next moment to be better than this moment....the constant striving to improve myself or my external circumstances. When I find myself doing this I am filled with anxiety... worry. I have often found myself using words such as goals, intention, focus to manipulate myself...just do it and IT will happen. Have the right "INTENTION" put it out into the universe and you will get what you want! What do you do when years of  'intentioning' and efforting aren't producing the results you think you want?

I realize that maybe it isn't about producing results or trying to make the dream I have in my head unfold the way I 'think' it should..... It seems to me to be in the area of surrender...NOT through an efforting. So, the intention is still there...."to make the puppets/theatre happen" .....HOWEVER there is a letting go of strategic mental planning (The efforting and planning that would appear to be 'supporting' the intention). There is a letting go of always having the hound dog nose to the ground sniffing out opportunity....always on guard for what can serve my dream and my intention in this world.

I have innocently thought the efforting was my part in the game.Maybe I have misunderstood the meaning of intention. OR maybe my intention isn't what I thought it was!  Maybe the foundational intention is to become more conscious, more aware...awake to my true unconditional nature and everything I 'do' craft, puppetry, storytelling, in service to this ultimate intention. Then I see the way my path has unfolded is exactly what I have needed for this deeper intention.
 I will continue to create from this place of intention and let it take me where it will....
A surrendering to what each moment has to reveal. The mystery...the magic. There's no bounds to what could arrive on the doorstep..... something unimaginable to the limitations of mind.
 I stand on the edge.....