Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monk Puppet Performance at Freehold Theatre

Heather (Gosnell), the other puppeteer, supported the puppets' hips and maneuvered his right arm. I controlled the head by holding onto the back of his neck...I really like the direct contact it is a more intimate connection than using a rod. As well, I controlled his left arm. His feet were control by putting my toes into the back of his Chuck's into some specially made "toe cups" .
I was most nervous for the first dress rehearsal as this was the first time I had performed with one of my puppets in front of an audience, you know...knotty stomach, shaky hands. After that I was just shaky. When it was bad he looked like he had the 'old man' shake goin' on!!
Hope to soon follow this with some video snippets.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monk Puppet with additions

I think the additional "robe" and "jewelry" make him feel a little less "cartoony." Or maybe I mean a little less Muppety.