Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kickstarter preparation- Mini Art Nouveau Lanterns

These mini lanterns will hang on either side of the miniature puppet cart.

Here is their construction...

This was the first little mock-up...first play with Art Nouveau lines....decide to make window holes smaller and maybe a different cap...although I like the magical mushroom look.

I started with a sheet of Foamie(found at Michaels craft store). Comes in many colors. I played with many window design ideas and settled on Art Nouveau lines. I love love love Art Nouveau and have for many years and can't believe I am finally going to play with it myself in my own project! I will soon post some very inspiring Art Nouveau images and artists.

               Cut pattern out with a blade.

Surprised to see it almost looks like a butterfly in the middle

spray paint brown

Cut clear acetate and frosted tracing paper to adhere to back. If you have frosted acetate how perfect...saves a step!

acetate spray glued on

tracing paper glued to that.

sun shining through...going to be a magical lantern

wrap this around the base of a battery powered candle and you have the perfect size mini lantern

Here they are again . The one on the left has been antiqued with a little burnt sienna(rust) and a little Jamaican sea green (oxidized copper)   The "dots" are also a new addition. I believe these dots may be a continuing theme with the theatre. There is something creature-like, or at least animated that they add to the look.

Here they are both complete with dots and rust. The one on the left is turned and you are viewing it in profile.


flickering Lanterns by night....

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