Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Video performance of Little Man Monk!

This is a performance that took place at a Valentines celebration in 2011.
Even thought it looks fairly low light on video it was much brighter 'in person'. As soon as I figure out what happened with youtubes new uplink to Google(arg) I will Embed the video here. until then.....

I was pleased with the performance. It is always so interesting to perform. It IS much like a meditation. Moving with the flow of what is happening...not with what you had planned!! The two amazing musicians put their sounds together in a 5 minutes rehearsal. so  lovely.
my only critique is to keep working on his hands. Actually his wrists....I would like to have wrist movement so there isn't so much stiffness to his gestures.  

Much Thank you to Serge Gubelman (cinematographer)
Patrick Baker(throat singer)
Christopher of the Wolves (musician in back)
 Scott Robinson (coordinator of event) and
of course, Heather Pendergast, my sister, the other puppeteer (on his right)

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