Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kickstarter preparation- mini "Divining Lights"

The performance and puppet I am creating for Twig Theatre Kickstarter project will be an evening performance. Not that it can't be done in the daylight, but there is something magical about a gathering of folks and shared experience in the twinkling hours.

The Divining lights sit on the ground in front of the theatre and illuminate the puppet, define the "set" area and create a mystical ambience. They will each have a battery powered light inside. 

A Divining light points the way...
the light we seek emanates from is who we already are.

I sculpted them (Sculpey) baked and painted them. Boy was this fun!   No wonder the Kickstart is taking so long to Kickstart....havin' way too much fun!
 The largest one is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The full size ones will be under 2 feet in diameter.  And no I will not be doing clay sculpts on the big ones! (Rob!  :))  I just wanted to play with design and Sculpey seemed the best fit. Any design on the big ones will probably be L-200 foam or something of that nature. (something light and non-breakable) The designs will be similiar but simpler. For some reason it is my nature to start more complex and then work towards letting go and simplifying.

Here is some of the process...

Sculpting over dome shape. Got the clear plastic domes at Michaels Craft store.  They are in the baking section: confection molds. I just cut the shapes out.  Each dome is also sprayed with a "frost" spray in a can. (Michaels, jo-Ann's or Home Depot)

after baking, some cracked. just glued and painted

in my room in front of the cart


  1. Woo. What a super idea. I believe every moment of thought you are spending on the miniature is paying you enormous dividends in solutions and details for the ultimate larger installation.

    Savor these days I say.

    1. Thanks for your continued support Shelley. I am really enjoying the fire of creating something cohesive. Athough, at this point, I am unsure exactly what the puppet or performance will be. This made me nervous at be asking for assistance with a project with unknown aspects attached. I am feeling more and more okay with the mystery of the creation process and trying NOT to have everything figured out... trusting that this process will take care of itself. I mean, he is already alive in me. I am just letting that speak to me right now. The Kickstarter video is really about just giving people 'a feel' for what I am trying to create (not every subtle nuance)and giving myself plenty of room to move within that. I have to keep remnding myself of this. I can get caught in the detail thats fer sure!! Thanks again shelley. :)

  2. The sculpts are fabulous.... I particularly liked your "I start complicated...." comment, Hahahaha.... I like the idea that they will be varying sizes and colors.... This is all going very well, Heidi.... Hope the money rolls in!

    1. Thanks Rob!! I am learning a lot about how I work through the creation of this model. This is good! Yes, the 'complicated' appears to need an outlet! Provided I have time, I enjoy giving this room to express itself. And as much as I often like the helps me see that many complicated elements together can make for visual overload. so then I can step back and feel the simpler design beneath the more complex element. It is fun and thank you for following the progress. and I am counting on the money rolling in!!


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