Friday, April 26, 2013

Crooked Leg puppet... in process

This little guy is in process. I will add to this post as he finishes....
I started with feet because I wasn't sure what his head looked like! During this particular time I seem to be swimming in a lot of unknowns about the puppets that are coming to me. I have many other puppets that I am excited to build and I know exactly what they look like. And for now the journey seems to be about allowing the 'i don't know" to unfold and remembering how to trust this. So, I started from the bottom up.

Using mostly scissors. I am finding foam to be wonderful material for me...inexpensive and very easy to make exactly the shape you are feeling in the moment.

I thought I would originally do wood for the legs...wood makes such oh so lovely joints!

However I found the wood on the foam behaves strangely...the stiffness of the wood torques and twists the soft foam soooo...

Foam legs it is....



A crooked leg for this guy. Hmmm, how will this effect the joint? hmmm. only one way to find out... unless of course you're already a joint genie-ass.


intense joint cud-chewing...huh

 A little Jesus wrap for the feet.

Hmm, i like. And the joint, with some added reinforcements moves rather nicely

For his hip joints/rotator cuff I used these spools. they spin nicely allowing him to walk

With the bungee in between they do this action -which enables the legs to move out to the side.

A funny squat, albeit a squat. I knew for some reason I wanted this guy to be able to squat. I'll take a funny that spelled right? what a weird word.

ok, now for the rib cage...

I am quite taken with this little rib cage replica breathes and moves loves it. I like it so much that I would start my next puppet with a large rib legs...just a ribcage, arms and a head. (easier to puppeteer that way!)


and arms... love these arms!

I will post more photos as he progresses

Puppet guts at the rendering factory  

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  1. heeey who are you ? you feel like the me..but mostly the me in my head that i want to be manifesting! i luff your processes n i sympathise with it lots! i want to know what with the next click...


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