Saturday, February 6, 2010

Little Man Monk performance @ 12 Minutes Max

On The Boards in Seattle does a performance every month called 12 Minutes Max. It is for new, experimental works or 'works in progress' no longer than 12 minutes! Heather Gosnell and I auditioned with Little Man...and although the audition was a little clumsy for both of us- we got in! 2 weeks later (nov. 22-23) we did two evening shows with 6 other performers/performances.

This was a great experiences! It helped me to really work on the piece and work out a lot of the details/kinks. It was really interesting doing the piece for a theater audience versus an outside festival audience. Being inside a quiet theater there was a lot less stimulus (aka a lot less to "work with") We choreographed a lot of the performance as I was not sure what interacting in this environment was going to look like. I was a little nervous!

I really liked the performance we finally came up with. I think the audience did too. We really found the reverence of Little Man Monk; not just his demeanor but also the colors of the piece, the drummed entrance; all the way down to the gold fringe on his platform. Now that we have really explored that side I am really excited about exploring more humor and absurdity with this Little Man. There is a deep well to explore here!

Sitting long enough...time to get up and move around a bit.

We assist Little Man in the "dismount". He's a bit squeeky in the bones ya know.

 sitar please.....

and if you must know here is the song he was dancing to....played by the extraordinary Nathan Flutebox Lee!

Feelin' the flow...

Time for the Sacred Ditty.

some hip action....

he likes this part!

He's serious about his dittying

and peace out

And another video featuring Nathan Flutebox Lee....
can't hep it!

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