Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet Magpie!

Meet Magpie! Magpie is a sock full-o-love and just dyin' to get out and express it!
He is a bit shy at first but his curiosity always gets the best of him. Sometimes his enthusiasm trips him over his own big feet!

Although he is the very first puppet I ever built he has yet to perform for an audience. He always seemed to be "in process". Magpie had the privilege of being my puppet school 101. I have rebuilt him about 5 times. He is how I first came to learn how to build a puppet...even if he was (initially) really ugly and weighed a ridiculous amount due to all the wood and metal in his body!!! I am looking forward to re-building him one... last... time . (yeah I know, thats what YOU think!!!)

Um, not sure whats going on here???....I look like I was being venemous about killing the fly on the window...and Magpie just scratched his head and looked at me as if to say...."uh, can we just get a cup and save it?"

This is his old (current) structure; a plastic pvc skeleton. He was then bulked out with cotton batting and covered in white "Muppet fleece" and yes he is very 'blacklight' friendly!
In the new build I would use L200 foam...making him super light weight ("hollow") and much easier to maneuver. His head, of course, will remain a sock.

who me?


"Thats what you think!" said magpie laughing uproarously.

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