Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Wooden "Altar" for Little Man Performance

Finished Lovely

I built this beautiful altar (AKA coffee table in my room! )with the help of my good friend John Blunt. He generously contributed his time, his woodshop, and his creative geniusness. Thank you John! To see more of his beautiful work go to:


This Altar was made specifically for the Little Man Monk performance. It is much lighter than the laminated beam I WAS using. It was made from materials scored at the "Re-Store" in Ballard. When I saw the tabletop with its sliding dovetails I knew it had the look I wanted. It was $15! The legs are made from a $5 painted beam. Building this table was an amazing experience as I learned how to use/make peg joints to hold the legs on the table.

John demonstrating how to cut a peg joint off with a Japanese saw

Me giving it a whirl...

Hey, I like this!

A coat of dark stain and it dried just in time for the 12 Minutes Max performance!!

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