Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Man Monk goes home to NC

Even though I genuinly felt I had found a solid, wonderful performance for Arts and Nature Festival (Seattle) I was still doubting Little Man Monk "just BEING" with the audience...was it enough, was it "entertaining" , am I entertaining them?? Is that what it's about?

I think I just needed to go "home" . My folks live in North's where I grew up after age 11. In my 3 week visit I performed about 6 times. Two times on ASU campus for the students. Once for a "Puppet Festival" that just happened to be going on during my visit. Once for St. Lukes Fall Festival, in a cafe on International Day of Peace and in a sweet little local shop that sells Green Goods. The response was very sweet and overwhelmingly open armed! In fact literally open armed ...after one performance Little Man hugged all the children and once again it came to be that the adults wanted very much to be a part.....So, very quietly he spent a moment with each individual ...after a gentle embrace they each would bow to him and him to them. "The God in me sees the God in you. " It was truly magical. With each performance I could find my trust building. Trust that the performance was that HE is enough; That I am "enough". He afterall mirrors the thoughts I have about myself. He is my teacher. The teacher of GOOD enough. In his eyes We are all God enough.

The following performance is at the cafe back home. We bring him in and the performance /appearance is in complete silence(meaning he doesn't speak) and then he gets up after about 10-12 minutes of sitting and" being" and does a little dance...the sacred ditty.

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