Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Man Monk gets new "skin"

He was covered with whats' called  "Muppet Fleece" or Antron Fleece. I dyed it yellow and initially it seemed to do the job.I have always thought it made him look somewhat 'muppety' or cartoony. The look I was after was a bit more "realistic" or filmic like the creatures from The Dark Crystal. In this photo I am popping the seams on the muppet fleece.

I replaced it with1/4 inch foam...or is that 1/8 inch??  anyhoo...thin foam! It works great! I am happy because the rest of his exposed skin will match his head!

I glued the skin down to the cotton batting (AKA muscle structure) with spray adhesive (77 spray from Lowes)
Next time I will use Barge Cement for gluing the seams coming together...the spray adhesive is too hard to use. Barge is easier.

Almost done.To dye him yellow I just mixed acrylic paint with "a lot" of water and then dabbed on the foam...the foam cells grab the color here and there. It will be frustrating if you are looking for a nice even deep coat of paint. I was at first frustrated and then when I stepped back from the project and looked with "new eyes" I saw that he indeed needed this rough, uneven wash of paint to give him a more real appearance.

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