Monday, November 23, 2009

Arts and Nature festival...Little Man's new performance setup

Here is the new setup. I love it. I knew from Artopia Festival that I wanted to create an atmosphere of reverence. I found a nice laminated beam to act as an "Altar". I put a Tibetan Prayer Wheel on the altar along with other items...his sacred rocks...which are sacred because they mean nothing...he just moves them about as the impulse hits him. Other items include...candles and some evergreen bough, as well, I hung Tibetan Prayer Flags. I later changed my mind on the authentic paraphernalia(prayer wheel and Tibetan flags). As I wanted to go more simple...I also didn't want to use these authentic items "un authentically"

Here is the exciting thing! I placed small carpet samples/wedges out in front of the Altar...this was perfect it told the audience..."put your behind on here and watch!!" No guessing, they know their role and are able to relax and just "Be" with Little Man Monk

Here are some mini photos of the festival. Notice the "costume". While at Artopia Festival John Leith and I discussed the need for more "sacred attire". I feel we are in service to the Monk ...due to his age he is somewhat limited in what he can accomplish without help. So, we are there to serve him and his purpose. I decided I wanted him to have an "entrance" as opposed to me pulling him out from behind the box...however having him enter from "across the way" posed a problem..walking...walking isn't his strongest movement or ability...Its also hard on me as well because , at this point, I am barefoot and stick my toes into the back of his shoes! Hence walking great slow distances with periodic gravel isn't , I created the platform. We carry him in. I am in the back puppeteering him and Heather(Gosnell) is in the front striking a small drum periodically. It is a nice 'ceremonial' addition. The platform gives the feel of a sacred figure being carried in. It works out very well...there are awkward moves here and there but we work that awkwardness into the performance... everything goes!

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