Monday, November 23, 2009

Puppet stage/hauling box

In the workshop....building the box, staining etc

Brett helpin' out!


testin' out the heigth. I imagined this boxs' purpose as double duty...hauling vessel AND puppet stage. It was strange as either...just because something seems like a good practice this doesn't always work!

Here is said "hauling box" finished.  Here's the modified bike cart to carry the box to a performance event.

Quite the nifty pair! Looks good!   However, a bike cart is designed to be towed by a bike not a human! Fully weighted this sucker is hard to control down a hill! I DID have a modified human "handle" on it.....however imagine trying to slow down by pushing down...there is no way to "brake" it.  That could be changed by putting a 3rd wheel on the front...somethings ya just gotta try out before you fully understand how they work!

Okay, so lets look at it as a puppet stage.......

Here's the general idea...puppet on box...2 puppeteers behind box puppeteering puppet on box.
Okay, so honestly, tell me it doesn't look a bit like Lucy's lemonade stand or wait was it a Dr./therapy stand???
Anyhoo, I must say, as well "thought out" as the design of this was...I was not able to see that the final product would look like a "Little Man Monk advice giving booth"  It may not seem as if the look is that important...However the design and presentation of the piece helps tell the audience what their role is.  The audience doesn't often know unless its obvious! This would require some serious consideration in the development of the "Little Man Monk" piece.

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