Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Official Kickstarter Launch! November 2nd

Here it is friends....What I have been working towards for many months! It is really exhilarating putting myself out in the world in a way I never have. I am feeling, at this point , very supported by friends, family,  new Twig friends and if i listen closely enough....the whole Universe is conspiring to get Twig her wheels!!!
I am very, very excited about the progress of Twig so far. As of today (Nov. 7th) we are almost a week in and almost 50% funded. Thank you everyone....let's keep on keepin' on!

Just after launch Twig was chosen as a "staff pick" in the Theatre Category. I was absolutely delighted to say the least!

Then,  as an extra special happenin' Twig was also chosen to be a 'staff pick' on the Discover Projects page!  ok, I kinda flipped out.....a little. and then some more

Stay tuned more to come as the project progresses!!!

And now, day 8 she is lucky enough to be "popular this week". The universe isn't stopping. I tell ya. I keep waiting for the stall out and she keeps on keepin' on.... trickling in bit by bit- to top it off we are about $40 shy of 50%'s a happy little Twig tonight!
And Actually to top it all off, about half way through the project, Twig was selected as "Project of the Day" ....ummm, quite a thrilling happening! Not sure HOW I missed a photo of THAT!!
In the end, Twig Project made her $5,000 funding goal with an additional $200 yay! very exciting fer sure. 

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