Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shaman Puppet inspiration

 This is a creature study I shared with you in an earlier post. And I have grown so attached to his face that he has become the Shaman puppet to me. He has begun to have a life inside. This study is quite magical...more personal than the study of the deer skull with antlers that I used in the video.

This little sculpture was made from all found natural objects...He, in his long robe, perches on a rock  and beholds the heavens.
The antlers came from Malibu Lagoon,  as well as the urchin shell on his back and the shell that is his face.  His robe, curled tree bark and a lichen covered rock, his perch. I  placed a dried crown flower over his heart center. just seemed right.

I love love love this little guys face.  

I love the way it looks like his eyes are squeezed closed and he is looking upward heavenly. I had the thought...what if this being was so in touch with the moment, with the surroundings, so intuitive, that his eyes were mostly closed because he doesn't  need  to "SEE" with his eyes to see the truth of the moment. Because he feels it in his heart.  Now, of course, occasionally he would open his eyes so that WE could feel connected to HIM!
Imagine deep blue illuminated eyes peering out between those lids. 

so in the coming weeks, for the kickstarter project I will make THIS will have smaller antlers, this face and a simple garb/hide/animal skin. then I can begin to play with his movement. This will tell me how he wants to be puppeteered and it will tell me  if there is more sturctural/mechanical parts to build to support him and his movement. we'll see. I am so curious how this is going to turn out!!

 I will do another post when the head sculpt is finished. Should have the Kickstarter up and running very very soon now! getting excited!!

Kickstarter Award! I felt I really wanted to try to capture this little guy and share him with my Kickstarter backers/contributors as a cool thank you reward....A tile of the earth Shamans head with sculpted antlers, a moon and other celestial bodies! 

Here is the initial sculpt with his little shell head pushed into the clay

and here is a tile out of the mold is a nice stonelike material ...with a mottled finish on it to bring out the details. I really like it. Will be playing with some more colors...maybe a dark brown too. I will then choose the best one to offer as gifts. gettin excited!

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