Friday, November 9, 2012

Shaman Tile process.....Kickstarter award!

 As you may already know some of the final look for the Earth Shaman Puppet came from this sculpture of natural items.

His face is the "butt" of a clam shell....his antlers are some kind of 'sea branches' and he has a sea urchin shell behind his head. (and his robe - curled tree bark)

I wanted to share with my kickstarter backers this inspiration so I created this tile with the Earth Shaman and his moon.  I am so in love with this little face now....his flattened walrus/manatee nose, his little rabbit mouth and his closed eyelids!

So, here we go, let's make a tile!
You start with a shape to contain the mold making material...I cut the bottom out of a plastic bucket and hot glued it to a piece of wood.

Then pour in the is green and smells minty, yummy actually...this is basically dental alginate...if you've ever had your dentist take an impression in your mouth this is what he used. You have to work quick though because it wants to set-up on you

After about 10 minutes, flip it over and pop your clay tile out

Quite an impression the Earth Shaman makes! hehe

This is what we are using to make your can get it at Lowes. . 

 just add water to the Rock Hard and it is ready to pour. tap tap tap the mold to make all the air bubbles rise to the surface(the bottom of the tile that is-away from his face)

I give each tile about 3 hours to set up.

Then pop it out -yay!

The magic happens when you add the ebony stain and white accents...

 the work area

My little homemade assembly line!

The Shaman and his moon bades thee well!

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  1. Very cool! I'm now thinking I could do tiling with my kiddos - both my own and my preschoolers. I'd love to see what would come out of that endeavor!


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